THE INFINITY EXPERIENCE is an immersive audiovisual installation.
Step out of the festival into a new world.

Inside it is only you. With dozens of reflections of yourself. Reality is easy to graps when it's nearby, but farther from your reach the vision becomes distorted. The music and visuals work in unison to make it impossible to stay still. And since there's nobody else, you can completely let go: move and marvel, dance and discover. Into infinity.

Installation premiere took place at DGTL Festival 2017.

THE INFINITY EXPERIENCE consist of 18 demountable mirror panels, so it can be built outdoors as well as indoors.



OUTSIDE: 235cm (high) x 235cm(with) x 280cm (depth)

INSIDE: 222cm x 222cm x 222cm

On the outside i need 50cm free space arround it. (only during build/break)


Every edge has a fullcoller RGB LED strip (non digital LED strip)

But ive diveded the 222cm strip in 3 sections (74cm) wich can be controlled separetly.

Wich gives the illusion of a digital strip

Also in every corner there is a small LED light bulb. warm white

  • PHOTOBOOTH - 360 camera

There is a 360 camera build in the ceilling, wich will take a foto every 60sec 30sec or 10sec.

So this installation can be used as a photobooth!

See the INFINITY FB page for 360 pictures of latetst events where you can use youre mouse to look around inside the installation.


Well in my case, everybody has to take of there shoes, opens the door, grap a headphone and press the play button inside, and wich will send a midi signal to my computer and starts the show, wich is a soundscape of 1.36 minute, with audio and light in sync. (email me to listen to the current soundscape)

Custom soundscapes are also possible!

The 2 benches in front is for taking of the shoes, but also contains all artnet/laptop/dmx decoders.

If for some reason for an event people dont want to take their shoes off, i can work with that, placing something on the floor, or replacing the mirrors afterwards.

People enter and exit via the same door, but ive build a second door in case neccesary so it can be used as a walk trough.

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