Thanks to all the vapers & E-smokers in the world, we were able to 3d videomap TWO BUILDINGS IN ONE NIGHT in Den Haag.

After only 2.5 weeks of preparation we managed to fully videomap not 1 BUT 2 buildings in the city centre of Den Haag. GUERRILLA style! With no permits, tight planning and a friendly pokerface towards the arriving police we were able to fully project these 2 buildings for about 45min long in the short time window we had of nightfall and Dutch COVID curfew.

The reason for this guirilla mapping was because there is the possibility of a ban on vape flavours in the EU, the worldvapersalliance dicided it was time to stand up! And illigaly project their thought on the actual buidling the dutch politicians where having a meeting about this case.

Commissioned by: worldvapersalliance & stadsbehang ----- In association with henque & beamsystems

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